Friday 23 April 2021


This 16-minute film called Maidenhead was the biggest film-making undertaking of my life, with a large cast and crew for a short film, made on 35mm celluloid, with several locations. I wrote it from dreams, and directed it in 1995. A synopsis for it at IMDB reads:

"Maidenhead is a series of chamber fictions inhabited by a young woman named Alice. Linked in a dreamlike way, these short stories describe Alice's survival in a world of bizarre logic and strange emotions; it's a place where miracles unfold in the bathroom and desire appears on a bus, where menacing joggers roam the suburbs and there's something sinister about hats." — anonymous


Alice: Alice Garner
Hat shop woman: Denise Scott
School bus friend/jogger: Kate Agnew
School bus man: Nico Lathouris
The Queen: Jan Friedl
Mr Right: Adriano Cortese
Mail man: John Brumpton
The Queen's Audience:
Zoe Burton
Sofie Laguna
Tammy McCarthy
Tamara Saulwick
Louise Watson


Writer and director: Marie Craven
Producer: John Cruthers
Director of photography: Nicolette Freeman
Production designer: Georgina Campbell
Costume designer: Margot McCarthy
Editor: Ken Sallows
Sound designer: Philip Brophy
Script consultant: Adrian Martin

Financed by the Australian Film Commission