Saturday 15 February 2014

Videos & music: VTOL, Creased, Pollution, Rodeo Days

Today the new Dementio13 album, 'VTOL', is released to the web. It's a collaboration album involving several musicians across continents, making it an interesting detour in this usually solo musical project. Artists involved include Nita Disaster, Douglas Deep, Alone, Snippet, Ian Thistlethwaite and Alun Vaughan. I'm lucky enough to have been part of it too. The whole thing is available to download 'name your price' (including free).

VTOL has already generated some excitement pre-release. John Toolan and Mark Whitby have reviewed it here and here. The track 'Pollution' has been previewed on Dandelion Radio. I've also been swept up in the enthusiasm. Aside from contributing voice to one of the tracks, I've been busily making a few DIY music videos, sourcing old movie footage (mostly) from the public domain.

We hope you enjoy...