Wednesday 27 August 2014

Videos: As Is, Ode to the Eye, The Convert

In my music collaborations I have sometimes found lyrics in the writing of online poets. A couple of months ago I was introduced to an exciting website, The Poetry Storehouse, where contemporary poems are published and made available under a Creative Commons licence. The site actively encourages remixing of its quality writing, and voice recordings are available to download. I've been inspired by what I've found and swept up in a fast-growing online community of video makers, readers and poets. I've put together some videos with poetry from the site, featuring music by long-time collaborators, and new ones. Here are just a few...

Poem by Jim Murdoch. Music by Dementio13. Voice by Nic S.

Poem by Derek J.G. Williams. Music by Dementio13. Voice by Nic S.

Poem by Eric Burke. Music by Real Rice. Voice by Nic S.

I've also been doing some poetry readings and was interviewed by Moving Poems. Big cheers to Jutta Pryor and the Pool creative group for introducing me to The Poetry Storehouse!