Tuesday 9 February 2021


Film-making and music-making have been the two main threads of my creativity over the five decades since my childhood. Since 2014 poetry film-making has especially fascinated me. After making more than 70 short videopoems with the writing of many poets around the world, the time has come to dare to share my own poetry, written only occasionally over years with neither study nor seriousness about myself as a poet. Here goes with one from 2018, called Oblique.


fascination goes 

sideways through doorways 

leaving displaced air 

in its wake. 

room to room it goes 

travelling while dreams 

muse and call in

an old restful place. 

first one then 

an other around 

the plain spaces 

dark matter awaits. 

here is a map of

my once upon a

time and many.

hold on, go easy

and get there.

Words and image by Marie Craven (CC BY-NC 4.0)